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Hart Street School's faculty believes that high expectations for both academic achievement and discipline provides a lasting foundation for successful learning. While each teacher develops classroom rules appropriate for that group of children, there are general expectations that apply schoolwide. Hart Street students are expected to adopt a scholastic attitude that supports achievement and to demonstrate appropriate behavior on campus at all times.


  1. We accept responsibility for our own achievement and school success.
  2. We will set high academic goals for ourselves.
  3. We will always be ready and eager to learn.
  4. We will be ready to begin our work on time, prepared with all required books and supplies.
  5. We will complete all assignments as directed by our teacher.
  6. We will complete all homework and turn it in on time.


  1. We listen to and follow directions.
  2. We respect ourselves and others by:
    • Listening and waiting for our turn to speak.
    • Respecting school property and the property of others.
    • Treating others with kindness
  3. We come to school prepared to learn, stay on task, and complete our work.
  4. We accept the guidance of all teachers, aides, school officials, and other adults assigned to our school.
  5. We leave inappropriate items such as gum, candy, balls, toys, trading cards, radios, etc. at home.
  6. We come to school dressed in clothing that is appropriate and safe for school. We leave inappropriate clothing and items such as baggy pants, short-shorts, oversized T-shirts and shirts, sleeveless tank tops, crop tops with midriff showing, no appropriate language printed on T-shirts, shoes with high heels, open toe shoes, no caps worn backwards, long dangling earrings, expensive gold chains and other valuable jewelry at home.
  7. We keep our school clean and beautiful by:
    • Putting all trash we see on the ground in the trash can.
    • Cleaning up after ourselves when we eat a snack at the lunch benches.
    • Remembering we do not mark or write on our walls.
  8. We bring only appropriate items on school field trips, such as nutritious food, individual size juice and soda in plastic bottles (no glass bottles or aluminum cans) and we leave inappropriate items such as games, toys, balls, walkmans, etc. at home.


Homework is an important extension of the classroom programs. The Hart street policy for homework is as follows:

  1. Homework is an important resource for teachers in helping students to learn.
  2. Homework is scheduled when appropriate over an extended period of time which may include weekends.
  3. Homework assignments is reasonable in length, content, and required resources.
  4. Homework is assigned to reinforce, extend, or enrich areas which have been taught.
  5. Homework assignments are related to grade level and subject objectives.
  6. Homework assignments and due dates are thoroughly explained by the teacher and understood by the student.
  7. Homework once appropriately assigned by the teacher becomes the responsibility of the student to know the content, process and due date, to complete and return as required.
  8. Completed homework assignments are acknowledged by the teacher and reviewed with students when appropriate


School Uniforms...

We strongly encourage all students to wear the uniforms voted upon by the majority of our parents. The uniform consists of blue pants, shorts, skirts and white polo shirts. We will have several uniform sales throughout the school year. Please look for the flyers.

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